How is my order being porcessed?

pheroXity Pheromones will be sent within a neutral 

bubble wrap envelope.

"Can I mix my personal fragrance-products like Perfume, Eau de Toilette or After Shave with pheroXity Pheromones?


pheroXity Pheromones can be mixed with all usual fragrance-products. Due to the high Pheromone concentrations in the pheroXity Pheromone products one gets a highly effective perosnal fragrance-pheromone mixture. 10 ml pheroXity Pheromones can be dissolved in 50ml of any usual fragrance product.

Is is a fact, that pheroXity Pheromones have a positive effect on my sex-life and my successful flirts ?


YES! MANY international buyers buy their favorite Pheromones from us, again and again!!!


How to apply the  pheroXity Pheromones for maximum results?

In case you do not mix your own fragrance-products with pheroXity Pheromones, you should apply 2-3 drops on your wrists, behind the ears or on the neck per application to get many positive results!


"I am homosexual" or "I  am lesbian"- which pheroXity Pheromones are the right ones for me?

In case you are homosexual, you should order the pheroXity Pheromone products for males.

If you are lesbian, then our pheroXity Pheromones for females are the correct choice for astounding results with other women.