pheroXity MYSTIQUE Pheromones for WOMEN - 12 ml

pheroXity MYSTIQUE Pheromones for WOMEN - 12 ml

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Applying our BRANDNEW pheroXity MYSTIQUE provides WOMEN with an arsenal of SEXUAL ATTRACTANTS to have sexual success with men!!


The products is extremely highly concentrated so that you only need to apply a tiny amount to get the positive results from your pheroXity MYSTIQUE Pheromones.

You can apply pheroXity MYSTIQUE to your wrists, your neck and behind your ears to get the maximum results.


Moreover you can mix your pheroXity MYSTIQUE Pheromones with any other fragrance product like Eau de Toilette, Perfume, etc.

You receive a 12 ml dropper bottle for easy and fast application


Fragrance: Fresh, feminine, very seductive

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